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The Fire Brigade (Englisch)

Veröffentlicht: Dienstag, 21. August 2007

After some major fires had raged through Gau-Bischofsheim in the 1880’s, some men , including Johann Philipp Knab at the head, decided to form an auxiliary fire-department. At the 1st meeting in 1881 35 men declared themselves willing to participate.

The Gau-Bischofsheim fire-department was then taken over by the combined community of Bodenheim and Commander Müller was henceforth supposed to take charge of the department, which is why some members were sceptical towards the reorganization. Today however there are just about as many members as there were then, 28.

The Gau-Bischofsheim fire-department is extensively responsible for basic protection in case of fire and for general aid without receiving any other support. In cases of further-reaching damage the fire-departments of Bodenheim and of Nackenheim are also called-inn for fire-aid and general-aid.

During the time of the takeover of the department by the combined community of Bodenheimt the fire-department was stationed in two garages, which were later rebuilt into rooms for the present kindergarten. The present fire-station, situated between the old railway-station and the sporting ground, was erected between 1983 and 1985 because of lack of space while Commander Manfred Müller was in charge. The valued cost of 350.000 DM for the building fell-short of 70.000 DM. So it was possible to hand a van for team-transport over to the department during the inauguration in 1985.

In 1975, the year of the takeover by the combined community of Bodenheim, the department had a “Tragkraftspritzenfahrzeug” at disposal, which had been in service since 1967. Because of the 100th anniversary in 1987 the department received a second “Tragkraftspritzenfahrzeug” and since then also has access to four gasmasks.

The acquisition of the “Löschgruppenfahrzeug” ( LF8/6, built in 1999), of the “Tragkraftspritzenfahrzeug” (TSF, built in 1981) and of the “Mannschaftstransportwagen” (MTW, built in 1985) the department became very well equipped of vehicles for the first decade of the new millennium. An all-purpose-trailer (built in 1997) supplements the equipment. The equipment was extensively completed the following year by radio-recievers.

The assignments varied between 10 and 20 a year during the last couple of years. The fire-department is more and more often called for assistance, whereas the number of calls for emergencies in fire is reducing.

Since the founding of a youth-division in 1991, it was already possible for the fire-department to take-on 11 active “Floriansjünger” from there. The Gau-Bischofsheim youth-division is very active. Weekly evening-lessons as well as practical exercises in the fire-station and in places such as the primary-school and the sport-hall take place.

The forming of a “Förderverein” was a further founding for the fire-department in 1995. The association formally took over the financing-partners of the fire-department and consists of approximately 350 members. With their help the “Förderverein” was able to support requests from the fire-department by nearly 20.000 DM in 1999. The “Förderverein” raised this money from the yearly contributions of the members, donations and last but not least from the yearly alignment of the open day, which takes place every second Sunday in June.

In 1981 the “Floriansjünger” celebrated their 100th year of existence in command of department-leader Manfred Müller. The inhabitants still remember this anniversary as one of the nicest celebrations of Gau-Bischofsheim until today. Apart from that the auxiliary fire-department participates very actively in community life of Gau-Bischofsheim. The department secures the road for the “Martinsumzug” every year. Excursions and particulary trips over several days of the department are also very well remembered.

Vielen Dank an Elaine Keenan für die Übersetzung in die englische Sprache

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